5 Things you should know when booking a photographer

Photographers are responsible for catching meaningful moments, and we have some tips to ensure you get the best out of any photographer. One The photographer should listen to your needs and if they aren’t asking you questions, be wary. They should try to get to know you, discover a little about your personal style and … Read more

Motor Sport and Cars

Wedding Photography for Beginners

I am often asked, “how do wedding photographers get such great shots?” and “what settings should I use for shooting weddings?” Wedding photographers have spent many years practicing their art and invested heavily in equipment. I often find myself explaining to people, you aren’t just paying for the photographers time, you are paying for their equipment, … Read more

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Review – Saal Digital

Recently an offer dropped in my inbox for a company called Saal Digital. I had been looking at various print suppliers and must admit this was not a company I was aware of. Using the offer, I ordered a custom sized print of one of my favorite images, ordered on PVC Foamboard (Not a format … Read more