Wedding Photography for Beginners

I am often asked, “how do wedding photographers get such great shots?” and “what settings should I use for shooting weddings?” Wedding photographers have spent many years practicing their art and invested heavily in equipment. I often find myself explaining to people,¬†you aren’t just paying for the photographers time, you are paying for their equipment,

Review – Saal Digital

Recently an offer dropped in my inbox for a company called Saal Digital. I had been looking at various print suppliers and must admit this was not a company I was aware of. Using the offer, I ordered a custom sized print of one of my favorite images, ordered on PVC Foamboard (Not a format

About me

Welcome to the site. I am relatively new to Photography, having only started in earnest around 8 years ago. This is a collection of some of my favourite pictures I have taken – hopefully you will find something here that you like too!